What We Do
What We Do
  • Studio Recording
  • Music Production
  • Programming
  • Mixing
  • Song-writing and Co-writing
Our Services in Detail
  • Vocal Recording and Editing
  • Complete Music Recording for groups of up to six members
  • Music Production
  • Music Arrangement
  • Programming
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Professional Demos, e.g. wedding singers, competitions, applications etc.
  • Professional vocal/music recording to promote your work ie., 'YouTube'
  • Record your own voice to a commercial backing track (Karaoke-Tracks)
  • Record your own proposal, engagement, wedding-song
  • Speech Recording for audio books, language courses, voiceover etc.
  • Adding high-end FXs to your own productions (ie., for DJs, singer/    song-writers starting out with your own recording)
  • Audio-Mastering for Web usage
Song-writing and Co-writing
George Micansky is a talented song-writer with extensive experience of song-writing and co-writing with world class artists. If you are looking for songs for a project or if you have songs which you want to enhance with input from a professional song-writer, George will be happy to work with you to create “hit-quality” songs.
Our Equipment
Detailed Gear List available on request.
AKG, AMS Neve, Benchmark, Beyerdynamic, Brauner, Drawmer, Eventide, EV Electro Voice, Focusrite, Genelec, Groovetubes, Neumann, MOTU, Rupert Neve Designs, Shure, T.C. Electronic , Universal Audio, UAD, Yamaha, Zion.
DAW (Reaper and Protools), Antares, Brainworx, ELI Labs, Eventide, Focusrite, FXpansion, iZotope, Modartt, NI Native Instruments, ReFX, Slate  Digital, Spectrasonics, SSL, Synthogy, UVI, Waves, Universal Audio UAD.