About Us

French Quarter Studios are owned and operated by George Micansky. Originally from Germany, George has been based in Cork in Ireland since 2004. Having studied classical guitar and piano at Muenster University, George developed an interest in production, recording and song-writing. Over the last twenty years George has developed a top-of-the-range studio, specially selecting equipment to cater to the needs of his clients. He specialises in recording and producing vocal performances and small groups and regularly collaborates with production teams in Sweden, Germany and Italy. He works both with clients who have a clear production plan and with clients who have written their own work and require the production to be developed from scratch. His uncompromising attention to detail and enthusiasm to bring out the best in a performance mean that he consistently exceeds his clients’ expectations.
George is also a talented song-writer. He has had songs published in the UK, Holland and Italy and released in Ireland, Italy and South Africa. His songs have featured in a number of multi- media advertisements. His song-writing skills and his abilities as a performer directly influence his production and recording work, ensuring excellence in the finished production. He regularly collaborates with singer-songwriters and lyricists at various stages of the song-writing process. Based at the heart of Cork City, George is accessible to clients from all over Ireland and beyond.   

Mission statement : We love helping our clients to achieve their artistic goals!